Play Days

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Play Day is an all-day theater workshop scheduled on days that Columbia Public Schools are closed. Kids can wear their public appropriate PJs and come PLAY with us!


Students are divided into groups by age (depending on enrollment) and will spend the day rotating between acting, crafts, dance, and other arts based classes. Throughout the day, we will work together to on a short skit and share it with you through a private YouTube link that we will email to parents.


  • Pre-registration is required. We cannot guarantee availability with registration less than 24 hours prior to the Play Day.  Pre-registration allows us to staff accordingly for the number of students attending.

  • Students need to wear shoes that will stay on feet.

  • Bring a sack lunch that does not require heating or cooling. Please do not send soda, milk, or other drinks that will stain clothing or carpeting.

  • TRYPS provides a morning and afternoon snack. If your child has allergies or other dietary concerns, please send a snack alternative.

  • If your child will arrive late or leave early, please let the staff know ahead of time. It will helps us with dance partners and role assignments.

  • Classes are high energy, and the day is long, so students should get a full nights rest before attending​


$25 per student per day.

$40 per student per day if enrolled less than 24 hours prior (pending availability).

10% off one enrollment fee for siblings enrolled on the same Play Day.

 TRYPS accepts cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


If your child requires para assistance or special assistance at school *including accommodations regarding curriculum and/or behavior*, please disclose this information to the TRYPS staff as you enroll.