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Acting Classes for Ages 4-12th Grade

There’s a class for every age and each level of experience.

Classes are offered to build skills and confidence at every level.

We believe that theatre training helps children develop 

important life skills and realize their potential.


Children explore theatre through games, songs, and movement to enact a short story based on the class theme. We explore connections between emotions, body, voice and imagination. We use creative play to learn to listen, to work together, to challenge our creativity, and to follow directions.
Children are welcome to wear costumes from home. (Keep it simple: no capes, limited accessories, no need to change during class.)



MINI PLAY (grades K-2 & grades 3-5)

​Mini Plays are classes for young actors to understand the foundations of acting and rehearsals. We explore the process linking the page to the stage through games, warm-ups, acting, music, and dance using an original 5-10 minute skit written by staff and based on our theme with a speaking role for each student. The class explores the fundamentals required to appear in a production: auditions, memorizing, blocking, and taking directions. We use these short scripts to teach listening skills, collaboration, risk, creative expression, focus and following directions.

Attendance to each class is important to help build confidence and rehearse and review the script. Students perform in simple costumes on the final day of class.


TEEN ACTING (grades 6-12)

Each session focuses on new techniques for teen actors to hone their skill set: auditions, improv, comedy, scene study, stage combat, and more. We explore the connections between impulses, motivation, relationships, and choices that create rich and believable performances.

DANCE (grades 6-12)

Dance classes at TRYPS focus on improving muscle memory, strengthening dance foundation and increasing skill level through technique, individual step, and combination work. What's different about TRYPS dance classes? Our goal is simple- improvement! No extra costumes or expenses. Just good, clean, dancing fun. Each session will feature new dances and will build on the skills already acquired

VOICE (grades 3-7)

Group voice classes are a great way to improve skills without the pressure of performing solo. Students will work on rhythm, pitch, reading music, dynamics, lyric interpretation and more. Each session will feature new music and will build on the skills already acquired. 

All classes culminate in a final Open House Sharing unless otherwise noted.

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