TRYPS offers partial scholarships to every child who is in need of assistance to cover tuition expenses.

Due to the growing number of requests, we now require all families to fill out formal requests. Whether you are new to the TRYPS family or have worked with us numerous times, each application process will require this paperwork.

Assistance is based on financial need and requires:

  1. A completed APPLICATION FORM.

  2. Current enrollment for a class, camp, or production.


All application requests must be made in advance.


No scholarship will be awarded after a class, camp, or production begins.

  1. Two completed RECOMMENDATION FORMS from a teacher or guidance counselor. If a student is home-schooled, recommendations will be accepted from family friends.

  2. Acceptance by the child and family to fulfill a VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITY based on the amount of the scholarship itself. This can include volunteering at the TRYPS office, scene painting, set building, costume assistance, etc.


If financial assistance is awarded and the volunteer responsibility is not adequately fulfilled, a student will forego scholarship consideration for the following session.

The TRYPS staff will discuss your application and volunteer responsibility with you. We will fill out a formal letter of agreement with you in exchange for your tuition waiver amount.

TRYPS does not offer 100% of scholarships due to the number of students who require financial assistance.

TRYPS does offer 25%, 50% & 75% of scholarships that also require a volunteer responsibility.

TRYPS does accept multiple payments from families to ease any burden of tuition payments.

Application information remains confidential.




Recommendation Form
for Theater Programs

Partial Scholarship
Application Form