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12 local artists created one-of-a-kind clocks to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to support TRYPS programming. 

The auction will open on November 17th at 8am and close on December 4th at 8pm. Perfect timing for holiday gift giving!


Lisa Bartlett is a long-term Columbia resident who has vastly contributed to the arts community as an artist, art director, and gallery owner. After receiving her art degree from Columbia College in 1988, she worked as a graphic designer for KOMU-TV for 10 years. Since the early 2000s, Bartlett has filled different roles for local art establishments, such as the art director of installations at the Roots N Blues Festival. Bartlett actively engages with Columbia’s art scene. She owns and operates her own gallery, Artlandish Gallery, in downtown Columbia; serves on the board for the North Village Arts District; and holds her art studio at Orr Street Studios. Bartlett has also worked on several public art projects across the city, including murals, a signal box, and storm drains. 

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Martha Daniels Growing up on a family farm, Martha has always lived close to the land and enjoyed sharing her love of nature. With a background in wildlife conservation, communications, and design, she finds joy in expressing her passion for the natural world through painting and learning from artist friends.


"Happy Cuckoo-Land" is of violet cuckoo birds. I have been sorting through my mother's cuckoo clocks this summer and was inspired to research cuckoos and found this colorful native of southwest Asia and India. A colorful play on the theme.” -Martha


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Anne Jacobson retired from 15 years of teaching Middle School and High School art at Columbia Independent School in 2015. 

Since then, she has enjoyed working on community art installations with True/False and Roots and Blues and has actively been serving on the board at Orr St Studios. 


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Adrienne Luther is a mid-Missouri artist specializing in murals and digital illustration. With a background in graphic design, she finds inspiration in Missouri’s trails, folk art, music, and women’s issues. You can view Adrienne’s mural work around Columbia and Jefferson City at Cafe Berlin, the MKT, along Providence Road, the Arcade District, and more. 

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Hope Martin, a Columbia-based artist has been refining her skills in soft pastels & charcoal since 2014. Originally a graphic designer, the desire to be there for her kids took her away from the corporate world led her to many years of outdoor explorations with them, and rekindled her passion for nature. Now she blends that passion with design skills and a methodical process to create artwork that explores the richness of color and detail she finds in the world around her.


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Lindsay Lennon Picht Is a painter, primarily working in watercolor. She graduated with a BFA from Truman State University and is currently pursuing a career in the art world. She is currently teaching teen classes at Columbia Art League. She loves exploring different techniques within painting and drawing, and strives to create beautiful art as much as she can!


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Lindsay's Instagram page: @lindslennonart 

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Michelle Seat studied oil painting at William Woods University, Columbia College, and the University of Missouri.


Michelle is an active member of the Columbia Palette Plein air painting group and is a member of the Orr Street Studios board of directors.


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Mike Sleadd, born and raised in Kentucky, moved to Columbia in 1982. As the former Chair of the Department of Visual Arts and Music at Columbia College, he has taught various art classes for the past 34 years. Sleadd works from numerous thumbnail sketches, beginning a drawing with expressive gestures using the ink-soaked plume of a feather. From those initial strokes, he begins to weave an array of patterns into detailed, whimsical abstractions. Intricate, expressive, and sometimes humorous, Sleadd’s work is complex and full of texture, evolving over dozens of hours spent dipping his pen into his antique inkwell. This is his first clock. The piece is titled, “Playing for time.”


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David Spear received his BFA from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and his MFA in painting from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Spear has created artwork throughout the city, (ADDISON’S and Sophia’s restaurants, the Blond Boone Mural at 1000 College and the mural Tiger on Harpo’s, an recent installations in Shiloh restaurant, and more). He has also collaborated with the Office of Cultural Affairs on works at the Wabash Bus Station, Jefferson Middle School, and the Sports Fieldhouse. Spear continues work on commissions for a variety of clients while also working as an exhibit designer for the Missouri Department of Conservation. 


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Amy Stephenson is a visual artist in Columbia, Missouri. When she's not lost in a painting or a book, she wanders fields and forests with her two dogs, collecting feathers, bones, and inspiration along the way. Sometimes she talks her teenage daughter into coming along. She is best known for her work as a portrait artist, and she maintains a studio at Orr Street Studios.

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Brandy Tieman Is a self-taught artist, artworks are mainly Acrylic and mixed mediums. Brandy started cake decorating in 2009 but shortly after found that she only liked the artistic side of it and started to paint. Around 2012 Brandy joined TRYPS as the set painter. Her main love is to keep learning and creating art for all. She works with all different kinds of materials from canvas, clay, and wood,  Sometimes you can see her creations at the Columbia Art League and AArvarx. 


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Marie-Josée Thiffault

Self-taught artist and painter, whose work is mainly known for its realism. Marie-Josée exercises her craft through commissions, portraits, landscapes, and private and group classes. She works mainly with oils, steel, and canvas, Marie joined the art community in Columbia in 2009 by occupying a studio downtown and participating in local art shows. Some of her paintings have been acquired by the Missouri Alumni Association and individual collectors in the U.S., Canada, and Germany. In 2017 Marie-Josee joined Tigers on The Prowl as a participating artist and now serves as a board member. Along with other local artists, she helped coordinate and illustrate a children’s book titled How Can I Help?

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