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Parent Testimonials

Lindsey Ragsdale

A pandemic makes it difficult to participate in activities that are mainly centered around the performing arts. Dylan is a part of some fantastic choir and theatre groups who have done an amazing job at still offering ways for kids to be involved. Every Saturday morning he gets to participate in an online class that is allowing kids to share their creativity, story-telling abilities, and performing talents. I’m so thankful he has these opportunities!

Parents, check out TRYPS online classes!

Coresa Coloney

TRYPS....Best program ever and absolutely blessed that Trey will always be a TRYPS kid! So glad Dylan is part of the TRYPS family. Trey has the best friends from TRYPS and I pray Dylan will be just as blessed. And of Course Jill is one of Trey's most favorite people in the whole world.

Actually she is mine too bc she never gave up on my Trey.

Student Testimonials

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