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Why give

TRYPS Children's Theater was the first year-round theater company in the area devoted to young people, and over the years has reached half a million young people and their families through our live theater productions and education programs.

In 2019 a landmark study from New Victory Theatre and WolfBrown studied the impact of live performance on young audiences. The study found that students who experience live theater before the age of 8 demonstrate a range of benefits that enriches their social and emotional development, supports their school engagement, and develops their ability to imagine and hope for the future.


At TRYPS we believe that the arts teach young people to be the stars of their own lives. Theater not only strengthens a child's understanding of the lives of others by developing their empathy, compassion, and tolerance, but theater provides essential tools for success throughout life including communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, initiative, adaptability, acceptance of disappointment, and so much more. 

When you support TRYPS with a donation, you help us transform the lives of young people across our community. Your gift not only helps us develop and maintain programming, but it helps eliminate financial barriers for families and classrooms.

Your Donations at Work:

  • $20 buys a pair of dance shoes  

  • $50 covers one partial class scholarship

  • $100 sponsors tickets for 50 children to see a show 

  • $150 pays for a rehearsal pianist

  • $175 pays for one day’s theater rental

  • $200 helps build the set, props and costumes

  • $325 is a full scholarship for a production tuition.

  • $500 helps underwrite royalties for one play.

How to support:

  • Make a one time donation via PayPal or mail a check to:

​               TRYPS Children's Theater

​            2300 Bernadette Dr #918

            Columbia, MO 65203 

  • Join the Sustainer's Club as a monthly donor

  • Buy a program advertisement.

  • Attend a special event

  • Become a sponsor

  • Buy a block of tickets for your scout group, church, or youth group.

  • Come see a play - even when your child isn’t in it

  • Tell a friend about us

  • and so much more!

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If interested in being a sponsor
call 573-449-4536


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