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Open to Grades K-6 • $28/student for the day • 8A-5P

Play Day is an all-day theater workshop scheduled on days that Columbia Public Schools are closed. 

We pick popular themes from books, movies, and television shows and create content in art, acting, and music for the day!

Kids can wear their public appropriate PJs and PLAY the day away with us!


Students are divided into groups by grade level (depending on enrollment) and will spend the day rotating between acting, crafts, dance, and other theatre-based activities. Throughout the day, we will play games, make craft projects, have a dance party, learn a dance routine, and maybe make a PJ Day Movie Trailer.


  • Pre-registration is required. We cannot guarantee availability with registration less than 36 hours prior to the Play Day.  Pre-registration allows us to staff accordingly for the number of students attending.

  • Students need to wear shoes that will stay on feet.

  • Please bring a sack lunch that does not require heating or cooling. Please do not send soda, milk, or other drinks that will stain clothing or carpeting.

  • Please bring a morning and afternoon snack during the COVID pandemic.

  • DO NOT pack any nut or peanut products. We have students requiring EPI Pens with severe allergies.

  • If your child will arrive late or leave early, please let the staff know ahead of time. It helps us with recording group projects.

  • Classes are high energy, and the day is long. Students should get a full night's rest before attending.

  • COVID SAFETY:  TRYPS staff is fully vaccinated. We will require masks. We will maintain small pods of students. We will disinfect the space several times during the camp day. We will not commingle groups. We require a touchless drop off/pick up. Only staff and students are permitted inside the TRYPS space at this time. No exceptions.


$28 per student per day.

$40 per student per day if enrolled less than 24 hours prior (pending availability).

Sibling discounts are not available as TRYPS recovers from the impact of COVID to our budgets.


TRYPS accepts checks only. 

Credit Card payments may be made through our Ticketleap portal:  tryps-pj.ticketleap.com


Enrollment is complete when we have the following for each student:

Enrollment form

Personal Info Form (one needed per student each calendar year)

• Payment received via check or Ticketleap portal payment

• Confirmation email sent to you from the TRYPS staff.


If your child requires para assistance or special assistance at school *including accommodations regarding curriculum and/or behavior*, please disclose this information to the TRYPS staff as you enroll. We will make efforts to accommodate if possible for the safety of your child and the TRYPS staff and student community.

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2021-2022 PJ PLAY DAYS

Dates & Themes


(W) Sept 22 – RAYA theme


(M) Oct 4 – TOM & JERRY theme


(Th) Oct 28 – CRUELLA theme


(F) Oct 29 – BOSS BABY theme


(F) Nov 12 – ADDAMS FAMILY theme




(F) Feb 18 – WONKA theme


(M) Feb 21 – SPONGEBOB theme


(F) Mar 4 – SING theme


(W) Mar 16 – JUNGLE CRUISE theme


Dates & Themes


(W) June 1 – INCREDIBLES theme


(Th) June 2 – SPIDERVERSE theme


(F) June 3 – TOY STORY theme

To:  Parents and Students



To start the day off on a positive note, we’d like to address a few house rules:



• Please make sure that children eat a healthy breakfast or have a snack before arriving.

• It is wonderful to see our students ready to focus and have the energy needed to be great learners.



• Students may wear appropriate pajamas to PJ Play Days. As we play games and dance, pants or sweats, or one-piece PJ’s are best.

• Please wear shoes that will stay on feet. Dancing and theater games are dangerous and difficult in sandals, Crocs and flip-flops.

• Please dress in layers. Sometimes the rooms are chilly to start, and we get warm as we move & groove.

• Please back a sack lunch for your child. It is imperative that you not send any items containing nuts or peanuts. We will have children attending with EPI pens due to their severe allergy.

• TRYPS will provide a gummy snack and a chip/cracker snack for each child. If you would prefer an alternative, please be sure to pack morning and afternoon snacks for your child.

PLEASE NO FOOD THAT SQUIRTS! Clean up is unreal – campers, carpets. Ay yi yi. That’s yogurt, pizza packets. 



• If your child requires medication during the day, please notify the office.

• All medicines must be left in the office and not in student's cubbies.



• It is important that the children arrive on time.

• We realize that life happens - flat tires, illness, family emergencies.

• When class gets started late, it takes away time from the children to learn and hampers their ability to focus.

• If you're running late, please call or text the office - 573-449-4536.



• If your child is running a fever or vomiting, please do not attend class. 

• If your child says “I don’t feel well” – believe them!

• If anyone in your family has been exposed to COVID, strep, or any other highly contagious virus, you MAY NOT attend TRYPS.

• Students must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to classes.

• If your child will miss a TRYPS class, please call or text the office at 573-449-4536.

• If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. We have extensive waiting lists for our classes, camps, and workshops.



•  We take your children’s safety very seriously.

•  We also ask that you not leave your child unattended. It is a liability for the company and the mall, and a situation that will cause panic for the TRYPS and mall communities.

• TRYPS will not open our doors before the start time for any reason.

• Only staff and students are allowed in the TRYPS space.

• Pre-enrollment and pre-payment are required for all TRYPS programs.

•  We ask that children wait inside with our teachers until you arrive.

•  If you are running late, please notify teachers immediately.

•  We will not leave children unattended.

• If your child requires a Para, IEP, or any special attention, please share that with the staff in the Personal Info Form and discuss a success plan with us prior to enrolling.

• For the safety of all participants, it is imperative that your child’s vaccinations be up to date.



• Drop off is at 8:00 a.m.  Doors will open promptly.

• TRYPS will greet you at the mall entrance and walk students into the TRYPS space.

• The mall entrance we will use is the SW corner of the mall behind Target. 

• Parent must kiss and fly! Students and staff in the TRYPS space only.

• Friends and siblings not enrolled may not stay for classes.



• PJ Play Day ends at 5PM.

• After Care for Play Days is not available.

• Parents will receive a dashboard sign to display.

• Please pull up at the mall entrance (SW corner of the mall behind Target) and pick up your child.



• Any student who is a danger to themselves or others and/or has behaviors that prevent learning and/or monopolize staff will be considered for removal. 

• The steps for dismissal from camp are available as another attachment. 

• Language, hitting, respect for others and teachers, the ability to participate, melt-downs, or running from a classroom are behaviors that impact your child’s safety and the safe environment in the classrooms.



• The students will create short videos or photo montages.

• We will create a video of the performance to share with you.

• TRYPS uses a private YouTube channel or a Zoom recording and will send you a link to the Sharing.



• It is important to identify any special alerts for your child on the registration form (e.g. medical, IEP/504).  

• It is helpful to identify any special requests on the registration form (e.g. be in the same class with a friend, etc.).  It is difficult to make group adjustments when programs have begun.


Thanks to all of you!



Jill Womack, Executive Artistic Director 

Lexi Borisenko, Teaching Artist

Lauren Stevenson, Teaching Artist